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Maybelline Facestudio Glass Spray, Glass-Skin Finishing Spray 3.4 Fl Oz- usa

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  • Maybelline New York 1st glass-skin makeup finishing spray; skin looks dewy and hydrated with a glassy finish
  • Use glass Spray after every makeup application to get all day wear with a dewy, hydrated glass skin finish that lasts
  • Apply glass Spray makeup finishing spray in the morning for a glass-skin finish or use it throughout the day as a make-up pick-me-up for that dewy reflection
  • Designed for even application with its optimal cloud Spray pattern spritzer so your finished makeup look is perfect with a dewy, glass skin finish
  • This bi-phase finishing liquid instantly completes your look, delivering an ultra dewy finish; just simply mist glass Spray finishing makeup Spray all over as your final step
  • Buy it...why not???